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# Name Origin Meaning Gender Save
1 Shanay Tamil Power of lord Shani M
2 Paramesh Tamil Lord Shiva M
3 Surdeep Tamil Lamp of music M
4 Ayman Tamil Lucky; On the right M
5 Padmanabh Tamil One with lotus in his navel i.e. Vishnu M
6 Shilpa Tamil Stone F
7 Shaistakhan Tamil Polite M
8 Darshak Tamil Spectator M
9 Bhupesh Tamil King M
10 Bhupathi Tamil Lord of the earth M
11 Tanmay Tamil Engrossed M
12 Aniket Tamil Homeless; Lord Shiva M
13 Aachman Tamil Intake of a sip of water before a yagya or puja M
14 Shuddhashil Tamil Well born M
15 Padmashri Tamil Divine Lotus F
16 Anwar Tamil Devote of God M
17 Vaneesha Tamil F
18 Elili Tamil Beautiful F
19 Widad Tamil Love; Friendship F
20 Kalavati Tamil Artistic F
21 Indulekha Tamil Moon F
22 Janaan Tamil Heart or soul F
23 Avapya Tamil Achieving F
24 Riddhi Tamil Good fortune F
25 Nishtha Tamil Devotion F
26 Visvajit Tamil One who conquers the universe M
27 Rehwa Tamil Ancient name of river Narmada F
28 Aklima Tamil The first step F
29 Venugopal Tamil M
30 Manda Tamil A river F
31 Kinnera Tamil F
32 Rusham Tamil Peaceful M
33 Gitali Tamil Lover of song F
34 Sikandar Tamil Victorious M
35 Madhavan Tamil Lord Shiva M
36 Rajdeep Tamil Best of Kings M
37 Ramanuj Tamil Younger brother of Rama M
38 Anusri Tamil Glorious, famous F
39 Gajanand Tamil Lord Ganesh M
40 Devang Tamil From god M
41 Chandrabha Tamil Moon light F
42 Sumadhur Tamil Very sweet M
43 Vithika Tamil Pathway F
44 Gambhir Tamil Deep, serious M
45 Lokpradeep Tamil Gautam Budha M
46 Devesh Tamil God of gods M
47 Sava Tamil Saint who was a Trainer of Young monks. M
48 Inas Tamil Capable; Sociability M
49 Tejomay Tamil Glorious M
50 Shreerang Tamil Another name of Vishnu M
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