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# Name Origin Meaning Gender Save
1 Aja Marathi Unborn M
2 Abdul-Lateef Muslim Servant of the Kind.. M
3 Atulya Telugu Unweighable, incomparable M
4 Ajat Gujarati Unborn M
5 Aylmar Christian Variant of Elmer: Noble. M
6 Atiya Punjabi-Sikh To surpass M
7 Abhirup Oriya Very Nice; Pleasing; Handsome M
8 Agha Punjabi-Sikh Pre eminent M
9 Aldwyn Christian From the Old English Ealdwine meaning old friend. A common name in the Middle Ages.Wise friend. M
10 Akbar Muslim Greater. Bigger.. M
11 Azgad Biblical A strong army; a gang of robbers M
12 Aasim Bengali Protector M
13 Acchindra Tamil Flawless, uninterrupted, perfect M
14 Amarjeet Bengali Victorious M
15 Amin Parsi Honest M
16 Asuman Telugu Lord of vital breaths M
17 Aanjaneya Kannada Son of Anjani M
18 Asitvaran Telugu Dark complexioned M
19 Aditya Sindhi The sun M
20 Ackley Christian Dwells at the oak tree meadow. M
21 Anikait Bengali Lord of the World M
22 Abhivira Punjabi-Sikh Surrounded by heroes, a commander M
23 Ashcharya Tamil Surprise M
24 Adhiraj Marathi King M
25 Ashraf Tamil Without grief M
26 Atwell Christian Lives by the spring/well. M
27 AbdulAziz Muslim Variant of Abdul Azeez: Servant of the Mighty. The Powerful.. M
28 Acaryasuta Punjabi-Sikh Son of the teacher, another name for Asvatthaman M
29 AbdalBari Arabic Servant of Allah. M
30 Adhikara Oriya Principal; Controller; Right M
31 Aahlaad Marathi Delight M
32 Abhinatha Bengali Lord of desires, another name for kama M
33 Anisa Punjabi-Sikh Supreme M
34 Attmore Christian From the moor. M
35 Ananta Kannada Infinite M
36 Aanandswarup Punjabi-Sikh Full of joy M
37 Alagarasu Punjabi-Sikh Handsome king, King of beauty M
38 Avijit Bengali Invincible M
39 Agniprava Gujarati Bright as the fire M
40 Abjit Gujarati Conquering water M
41 Austin Christian Developed in the Middle Ages from the Latin Augustine, meaning magic dignity, or venerable. Most common as a surname. M
42 Adkins Christian Son of Aiken. M
43 Archit Telugu Worshipped M
44 AbdulMajid Arabic Variant of Abdal Majid: Servant of the glorious one. M
45 Arihant Telugu One who has killed his enemies M
46 Ajay Rajasthani Unconquered; Invincible M
47 AbdulFatah Muslim Variant of Abdul Fataah: Servant of the Opener (of the gates of sustenance).. M
48 Anay Marathi Radha's Husband M
49 Aprameya Tamil A Name of Lord Krishna M
50 Anup Punjabi-Sikh Without comparison M
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