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# Name Origin Meaning Gender Save
1 Ammizabad Biblical Dowry of the people. M
2 Abdalla Arabic Variant of Abdallah: Servants of Allah. M
3 Ashfaq Bengali Noble Prince M
4 Aakarshan Telugu Attraction M
5 Amardeep Tamil Eternal light M
6 Avashesh Gujarati Remainder M
7 Anirudh Telugu Boundless M
8 Annuabhuj Kannada Lord Shiva M
9 Amin Muslim Variant of Ameen: Faithful. Trustworthy.. M
10 Agneya Kannada Son of agni M
11 Abdul-Salaam Telugu Servant of the Peace M
12 Amma Popular Supreme god. M
13 Atithi Bengali Guest M
14 Aadidev Marathi The first god M
15 Ayushman Tamil Blessed with long life M
16 Avashesh Punjabi-Sikh Remainder M
17 Akshath Telugu Indestructible M
18 Acchindra Kannada Flawless, uninterrupted, perfect M
19 Adhik Kannada Greater M
20 Ashenford Christian Variant of Ashford: River ford near ash trees. M
21 Aanand Kannada Joy M
22 Atish Telugu Explosive,a dynamic person M
23 Aasaf Muslim Clear. Lined up.. M
24 Adit Oriya First Born; From the beginning M
25 Atithi Kannada Guest M
26 Anant Gujarati Infinite M
27 Anwar Punjabi-Sikh Devote of God M
28 AbdulMuiz Muslim Servant of the Giver of Might and Glory.. M
29 Abhimanyusuta Marathi Son or Abhimanyu M
30 Anuj Gujarati Younger brother M
31 Avalok Punjabi-Sikh Who beholds M
32 Artemidorus Shakespearean 'The Tragedy of Julius Caesar' A teacher of rhetoric. M
33 Avi Tamil The sun and air M
34 Abhisar Gujarati Companion M
35 Aadi Punjabi-Sikh First; most important M
36 Aman Kannada Peace M
37 Akhilesh Marathi Indestructible, immortal M
38 Arbad Gujarati Masters; Lords M
39 Amlan Malayalam Unfading; everbright M
40 Ananya Hindu One-of-a-kind; unique. M
41 Arihan Malayalam Killing Enemies M
42 Albern Christian Noble warrior. M
43 Abhimand Malayalam Gladdening M
44 Abdul-Haseeb Telugu Servant of the Respected; Esteemed M
45 Acalendra Bengali Lord of the immovable, the Himalayas M
46 Adnan Punjabi-Sikh Proper name, Lion; Bravery M
47 Aholah Biblical His tabernacle; his tent M
48 Addison Christian Son of Adam. M
49 Amitabh Marathi One with boundless splendour M
50 Agneya Marathi Son of agni M
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