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# Name Origin Meaning Gender Save
1 Adway Tamil One; united M
2 Avinash Celebrity-Star Indestructible M
3 Aseem Tamil LimitlessAshank M
4 Adesh Punjabi-Sikh Command M
5 Archie Christian A popular diminutive of Archibald, meaning true and bold, valuable. Famous bearers: a ventriloquist's dummy in the radio programme 'Educating Archie'; a philisophical cockroach created by American writer Don Marquis. M
6 Abdul-Raouf Telugu Servant of the Most Merciful M
7 Abhivanth(or Abivanth) Punjabi-Sikh Royal Salute M
8 Atash Parsi Fire M
9 Anantajeet Gujarati The Victor Of Infinity. Lord Vishnu M
10 Aesoburne Christian Lives near the ash tree brook. M
11 Akshansh Punjabi-Sikh Universe M
12 Aachman Malayalam Intake of a sip of water before a yagya or puja M
13 Adeep Telugu The Light Of Vishnu M
14 Ambikapathi Punjabi-Sikh Lord of Siva M
15 Anadi Bengali Without beginning M
16 Asitvaran Gujarati Dark complexioned M
17 Acaryasuta Tamil Son of the teacher, another name for Asvatthaman M
18 Akroor Oriya Kind; Gentle; A Yadava chief; Krishna's friend M
19 Abital Biblical The father of the dew; or of the shadow M
20 AbdulMajid Arabic Variant of Abdal Majid: Servant of the glorious one. M
21 Arndell Christian From the eagle's dell. M
22 Abdul-Basit Muslim Variant of Abdul-Baasit: Servant of the Extender, Creator.. M
23 AbdulJabaar Muslim Servant of the Mighty.. M
24 Abhishek Sindhi Ritual; An auspicious bath for a deity M
25 Abhik Malayalam Beloved M
26 Amiya Marathi Nectar; delight Amlan unfading; everbright M
27 Astik Telugu Who has faith in god M
28 Achalendra Marathi The Himalayas M
29 Archan Malayalam Worship M
30 Aniket Tamil Homeless; Lord Shiva M
31 Anugya Telugu Authority M
32 Ahijit Bengali Conquerer of the serpent M
33 Aurick Christian Noble valor. M
34 Alagarasu Gujarati Handsome king, King of beauty M
35 Aanjaneya Marathi Son of Anjani M
36 Amr Gujarati Old Arabic name M
37 Aatreya Gujarati Name of a sage M
38 Abhyudaya Malayalam Sunrise, elevation, increase, prosperity M
39 Akarsh Malayalam Attractive M
40 Aandaleeb Punjabi-Sikh The Bulbul bird M
41 Anilabh Kannada Spirit of the wind M
42 Aalap Gujarati Musical M
43 Agnimitra Punjabi-Sikh Friend of fire M
44 Ahiman Biblical Brother of the right hand M
45 Abeer Bengali Color M
46 Abhimanyu Bengali Arjuna's son, heroic, with self respect M
47 Abhidi Tamil Radiant M
48 Avikar Hindu Flawlessness. M
49 Ashis Bengali Benediction M
50 Aaradhak Bengali Worshipper M
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