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1 Abdul-Kareem Muslim Servant of the Noble. Generous.. M
2 Adkyn Christian Oaken. M
3 Aldan Christian From the old manor. M
4 Abihu Biblical He is my father M
5 Anjuman Malayalam A token; a symbol M
6 Abdul-Waahid Kannada Servant of the One M
7 Avasyu Telugu Lord Indra M
8 AbdelQadir Arabic Variant of Abdal Qadir: Servant of the capable. M
9 Avalok Telugu Who beholds M
10 Aakesh Hindu Lord of the sky. M
11 Aloki Punjabi-Sikh Brightness M
12 Ahan Bengali One who is of the nature of time itself M
13 Ayushman Kannada Blessed with long life M
14 Ajmal Muslim The total. More beautiful.. M
15 Abeer Tamil Color M
16 Arij Telugu Pleasant smell M
17 Amitav Gujarati Limitless lustre; name of Lord Buddha M
18 Amritambu Marathi Moon M
19 Abed Marathi Worshipper M
20 Abdul-Wadood Bengali Servant of the Loving M
21 Abhinabhas Kannada Renowned, famous M
22 Aseef Muslim Variant of Asif: Forgiveness.. M
23 Aruni Tamil Name of a devoted pupil M
24 Abhijat Kannada Noble, wise M
25 Amitiyoti Tamil Limitless brightness M
26 AbdulRahman Arabic Variant of Abdal Rahman: Servant of the merciful. M
27 Aabheer Telugu A cow herd M
28 Avery Christian Counselor; sage; wise. M
29 Anjas Punjabi-Sikh Fortright M
30 AbdulHamid Arabic Variant of Abdal Hamid: Servant of the praiseworthy one. M
31 Aftab Muslim The Sun.. M
32 Atharvan Telugu Knower of the Arthara vedas M
33 Agnivesh Telugu Bright as the fire M
34 Abdul-Hameed Bengali Servant of the Praiseworthy; The Ever Praised M
35 Aiwyn Christian Variant of Alvin: Wise friend. From the Old English Aetheiwine, and also Aefwine, both meaning noble friend. Various forms of Alvin in use after the Norman Conquest became surnames, and also first names. M
36 Aijaz Telugu Favour M
37 AbdulHakeem Muslim Variant of Abdul Hakim: Servant of the Wise.. M
38 Artay Parsi M
39 Ameen Kannada Faithful; Trustworthy M
40 Ajit Malayalam Unconquerable (Ajeet) M
41 Apparajito Telugu Undefeated M
42 Ashok Celebrity-Star Without sadness M
43 Agriya Kannada First best M
44 Atithi Marathi Guest M
45 Anu Malayalam An atom M
46 Aabheer Marathi A cow herd M
47 Amalek Biblical A people that licks up M
48 Adhita Marathi A scholar M
49 Avijit Tamil Invincible M
50 Abhi Punjabi-Sikh Fearless M
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