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# Name Origin Meaning Gender Save
1 Ashvin Malayalam A cavalier M
2 Ashwini Marathi One of the constallations M
3 Anbuchelvan Kannada Kind, king of love M
4 Alamgir Kannada The lord of the whole world M
5 Aaditeya Tamil Son of Aditi M
6 Akram Kannada Excellent M
7 Ambarish Kannada The sky M
8 Achintya Kannada Beyond comprehension M
9 Apelles Biblical Exclusion, separation. M
10 Amir Arabic Prince. M
11 Akshansh Tamil Universe M
12 Amolik Gujarati Priceless M
13 AbdalJabbar Arabic Variant of Abdal Jabir: Servant of the comforter. M
14 Arivarasu Marathi King of wisdom M
15 Addis Christian Son of Adam. M
16 Abdul-Qudoos Marathi Servant of the Most Holy M
17 Akshansh Kannada Universe M
18 Amit Kannada Endless, boundless M
19 Azhar Muslim Luminous. Brilliant. Clear. Evident.. M
20 Arjun Tamil Peacock M
21 Apocalypse Biblical Uncovering, revelation. M
22 Adheesh Punjabi-Sikh King M
23 Aadi Jain First M
24 Abhijaya Marathi Conquest, complete victory M
25 Amitbikram Gujarati Limitless prowess M
26 Anagh Gujarati Sinless M
27 Aamir Muslim Variant of Amir: Populous. Full. Prosperous. Amply settled. Civilized. Also used to refer to a prince or ruler.. M
28 Akand Kannada Calm M
29 AbdulRahim Arabic Variant of Abdal Rahim: Servant of the compassionate. M
30 Abdul-Jabar Gujarati Servant of the Mighty M
31 Antariksh Malayalam Space M
32 Acalesvara Marathi God of the immovable, another name for Shiva M
33 Alured Christian Variant of Alfred: Sage, wise. From the Old English Aelfraed, meaning elf counsel. Also from Ealdfrith or Alfrid, meaning old peace. Famous bearers: Alfred the Great was a 9th-century king, Alfred Lord Tennyson was a famous 19th-century poet. M
34 Aadesh Bengali Command; message M
35 Abhisumat Punjabi-Sikh Radiant, another name of sun M
36 Aja Gujarati Unborn M
37 AbdulMedjid Arabic Variant of Abdal Majid: Servant of the glorious one. M
38 Arumugan Telugu Lord murugan M
39 Aakil Hindu Intelligent. M
40 Alwin Christian Wise friend. M
41 Ardel Christian From the hare's dell. M
42 AbdulMujib Muslim Variant of Abdul Mujeeb: Servant of the Responder.. M
43 Anisa Malayalam Supreme M
44 Amjad Malayalam More Glorious M
45 Anshul Gujarati Radiant M
46 Athelstan Christian High-born rock. M
47 Abimael Biblical A father sent from God M
48 Anik Gujarati Soldier M
49 Adhikara Punjabi-Sikh Principal, controller M
50 Alfrid Christian Sage. M
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