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# Name Origin Meaning Gender Save
1 Acalesvara Tamil God of the immovable, another name for Shiva M
2 Advik Gujarati Unique M
3 Abdul-Jabar Marathi Servant of the Mighty M
4 AbdulMajeed Arabic Variant of Abdul Majid: One who serves a glorious man. M
5 Aanand Telugu Joy M
6 Abaan Telugu Old Arabic name M
7 Anjan Kannada Eye liner M
8 Abdel Arabic Servant. M
9 Atiksh Telugu Wise M
10 Aryan Telugu Of the Aryan Race M
11 Asvin Malayalam A Hindu month M
12 Aditya Malayalam Sun M
13 Alif Kannada The first character in Hijaiyah M
14 Atman Marathi The self M
15 Aaghaa Muslim Variant of Agha: Master. Owner.. M
16 Amraphel Biblical One that speaks of secrets M
17 Ashwini Punjabi-Sikh One of the constallations M
18 Abdul-Wahaab Muslim Servant of the Giver.. M
19 Anagh Marathi Sinless M
20 Amoha Telugu Clear, straight M
21 AbdalRauf Arabic Servant of the compassionate. M
22 Abhrakasin Bengali With clouds for shelter, an ascetic M
23 Areehah Kannada Destroyer of enemies M
24 Agriya Punjabi-Sikh First best M
25 Aekley Christian From the oak tree meadow. M
26 Achindra Oriya Flawless; Uninterrupted; Perfect M
27 Azzaam Kannada Determined; Resolved M
28 Amogh Gujarati Unerring M
29 Abid Bengali Worshipper of God M
30 Ashit Malayalam The planet M
31 Abdul-Hafiz Telugu Servant of the Protector M
32 Aman Marathi Peace M
33 Anunay Gujarati Supplication; consolation M
34 Amanda Bengali Active M
35 Anram Telugu Continuous M
36 Amresh Bengali Lord Indra M
37 Arty Christian Diminutive of Arthur: From the Roman clan name Artorius, meaning noble, courageous. Famous bearer: Legendary sixth century King Arthur of Britain and his Round Table of knights. This legend dates to the early 9th century. M
38 Atmananda Malayalam Bliss of soul M
39 Atamveer Telugu Brave M
40 Abhirath Marathi Great charioteer M
41 Akram Marathi Excellent M
42 Anjan Telugu Eye liner M
43 Ambuj Oriya Lotus M
44 Adhiraj Marathi King M
45 Abhay Kannada Fearless M
46 Acaryanandana Punjabi-Sikh Son of the teacher, another name for Asvatthaman M
47 Anant Gujarati Infinite M
48 Atambhu Telugu The Holy trinity M
49 Acyutaraya Gujarati Worshipper of the infallible, a devotee of Vishnu M
50 AbdulAlim Muslim Variant of Abdul Aleem: Servant of the Omniscient.. M
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