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1 Daitya Punjabi-Sikh A Non Aryan. M
2 Durante Christian Firm; enduring. M
3 Donny Christian Diminutive of Donald: From the Gaelic Domhnall, meaning world mighty. Also a form of Donn. In mythology the Irish Donn was known as king of the underworld. M
4 Daruk Tamil Charioteer of Krishna, tree M
5 Dayada Gujarati Son, inheritor M
6 Dhairya Malayalam Patience M
7 Dhimant Hindu Variant of Dhimani: Intelligent; smart. M
8 Derry Christian Diminutive of Derek: Gifted ruler. People ruler. Variant of the Old German Theodoric. Famous bearer: Derrick was a 17th century hangman at Tyhurn, whose name became synonymous with gallows and now refers to a type of crane.. M
9 Devaraj Gujarati King of the gods M
10 Dhanajit Kannada Wealth M
11 Denadayal Punjabi-Sikh Humble and merciful M
12 Devaj Malayalam From God M
13 Durijesh Telugu Moon M
14 Dharmadev Tamil Lord of law M
15 Dharmpal Kannada Protector of religion M
16 Devang Tamil From god M
17 Dhirendra Punjabi-Sikh Lord of the brave M
18 Dasmaya Punjabi-Sikh Beautiful M
19 Dawoud Punjabi-Sikh A Prophet's name M
20 Devank Kannada Godly M
21 Devraj Gujarati King among gods, name of Indra M
22 Divyanshu Tamil Divine light, sun M
23 Duranjaya Bengali A heroic son M
24 Devansh Telugu Part of God M
25 Dunley Christian From the hill meadow. M
26 Devarya Kannada Divine belief M
27 Dwaipayan Telugu The sage Vyasa M
28 Dennison Christian Dennis' son. M
29 Dushyant Tamil Name of a King M
30 Dhananjay Gujarati One who wins wealth M
31 Daman Marathi One who controls M
32 Doron Christian Variant of Dorran stranger. M
33 Dharmveer Punjabi-Sikh Religious M
34 Devya Telugu Devine power M
35 Dinendra Kannada Lord of the day, the sun M
36 Devakinandan Telugu Name of Lord Krishna M
37 Devdatta Telugu Given by God M
38 Diondre Christian Blend of Dion and Andre. M
39 Dandak Tamil A forest M
40 Dinesh Punjabi-Sikh Sun, god of the day M
41 Devion Christian Variant of the English county name Devon. M
42 Dharmanand Tamil One who takes pleasure in his religion M
43 Daiwik Gujarati By the grace of God M
44 Danvir Bengali Charitable M
45 Dharmpal Gujarati Protector of religion M
46 Del Christian Variant of Dell: Valley. M
47 Danny Celebrity-Star God of my judge M
48 Dinesh Sindhi The lord of the day; The sun M
49 Dayanidhi Punjabi-Sikh Treasure house of mercy M
50 Dharendra Malayalam King of the earth M
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