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# Name Origin Meaning Gender Save
1 Dalbir Bengali Soldier M
2 Darpan Kannada A mirror M
3 Durvish Gujarati Who cannot be affected by poison M
4 Dyumna Marathi Glorious M
5 Dharmachandra Marathi Moon of dharma M
6 Dharanidhar Tamil Shesh the cosmic serpent M
7 Darnel Christian Variant of Darnell: Hiding place; hidden area. M
8 Devendar Gujarati King of Lord's M
9 Dustyn Christian Variant of Dustin: Dusty place; brave soldier. M
10 Dhansukh Punjabi-Sikh Wealthy; happy M
11 Dhanush Telugu The Bow M
12 Dayner Christian Variant of Dane 'from Denmark.'. M
13 Dayaswarup Tamil Merciful M
14 Dharmadas Tamil One who serves his religion M
15 Devnath Bengali King of gods M
16 Dattey Bengali Lord Indra M
17 Devank Punjabi-Sikh Godly M
18 Daud Muslim The Biblical David is the English language equivalent. A Prophet's name.. M
19 Diandre Christian Blend of Dion and Andre. M
20 Dent Christian Diminutive of Denton: Valley town. M
21 Dempsey Christian From the judge's meadow. M
22 Dumain Shakespearean 'Love's Labours Lost' Lord attending on King Ferdinand. M
23 Dhritiman Kannada Patient M
24 Dhevaneyan Punjabi-Sikh Pious M
25 Dwaraka-das Punjabi-Sikh Servant of Dwaarakaa M
26 Devonn Christian Variant of the English county name Devon. M
27 Dev Tamil God, king M
28 Devdutta Tamil King M
29 Dharamjyot Telugu Light of righteousness and virtues M
30 Dwaipayan Malayalam The sage Vyasa M
31 Dharmanand Gujarati One who takes pleasure in his religion M
32 Devendra Bengali King of gods M
33 Dhanajit Malayalam Wealth M
34 Duranjaya Marathi A heroic son M
35 Devsena Bengali Army of gods M
36 Dindayal Marathi Kindto the poor M
37 Diya Arabic Shining. M
38 Dahana Punjabi-Sikh A Rudra M
39 Devrat Marathi Spiritual M
40 Deeptendu Kannada Bright moon M
41 Devang Kannada From god M
42 Danta Telugu Calm. A name for Lord Hanuman M
43 Dikshan Marathi M
44 Dharmaketu Gujarati Who upholds the right way M
45 Dharmpal Tamil Protector of religion M
46 Devakumar Kannada Son of a god M
47 Devidas Tamil Servant (devotee) of Godess M
48 Dibon Biblical Abundance of knowledge. M
49 Dhavalachandra Malayalam White moon M
50 Dwaraka-das Kannada Servant of Dwaarakaa M
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