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# Name Origin Meaning Gender Save
1 Dalbhya Bengali Belonging to wheels M
2 Dyer Christian Dyes cloth. M
3 Dominic Christian Variant of Dominick: Lord. M
4 Dakshina Marathi Donation to god M
5 Dildah Biblical His diminishing M
6 Dharmanand Telugu One who takes pleasure in his religion M
7 Dhikshit Malayalam Initiated M
8 Dhritiman Kannada Patient M
9 Devapi Punjabi-Sikh An ancient king M
10 Diptanshu Bengali Sun M
11 Digvastra Kannada Sky Clad M
12 Devang Kannada From god M
13 Dasharathi Gujarati Lord Rama M
14 Deependra Gujarati Lord of light M
15 Dayasagara Punjabi-Sikh Ocean of compassionate M
16 Darrell Christian Darling, dearly loved, from the Old english 'deorling'. M
17 Deepit Punjabi-Sikh Lighted M
18 Daman Malayalam One who controls M
19 Daylin Christian Rhyming variant of Waylon - a historical blacksmith with supernatural powers. M
20 Devvrata Punjabi-Sikh Name of an ancient king M
21 Dalajit Bengali Winning over a group M
22 Dhritiman Punjabi-Sikh Patient M
23 Darun Telugu Hard Male Hindu M
24 Dhilan Kannada M
25 Daryle Christian Variant of Darrell. M
26 Deeptendu Marathi Bright moon M
27 Devadhipa Tamil Lord of the gods M
28 Devakinandan Marathi Name of Lord Krishna M
29 Dushyant Tamil Name of a King M
30 Dawud Arabic Arabic form of David. M
31 Dharmendra Gujarati King of religion M
32 Dushyanta Gujarati A king from the epic Mahabharata M
33 Deep Punjabi-Sikh A lamp M
34 Daha Punjabi-Sikh Blazing, very bright M
35 Devkumar Punjabi-Sikh Son of gods M
36 Devank Tamil Godly M
37 Dinapati Tamil The sun M
38 Dimonah Biblical Dunghill. M
39 Dayaswarup Punjabi-Sikh Merciful M
40 Deeptimoy Telugu Lustrous M
41 Dalbhya Telugu Belonging to wheels M
42 Devendra Bengali King of gods M
43 Dharamsheel Malayalam Holy M
44 Dhanajit Bengali Wealth M
45 Dhvanya Telugu Suggested meaning M
46 Delmont Christian Of the mountain. M
47 Dayanidhi Bengali Treasure house of mercy M
48 Divyendu Tamil Bright moon M
49 Dogberry Shakespearean 'Much Ado About Nothing' A Constable. M
50 Domek Christian Variant of Dominick: Lord. M
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