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# Name Origin Meaning Gender Save
1 Dempster Christian Judge. M
2 Devesh Malayalam God of gods M
3 Dayamay Punjabi-Sikh Full of mercy M
4 Danny Celebrity-Star God of my judge M
5 Dheer Punjabi-Sikh Gentle M
6 Devaj Telugu From God M
7 Dhanvantari Gujarati Doctor of Gods M
8 Deshbhushan Jain A Jain Acharya in the age of Ram; M
9 Dridan Christian From the dry valley. M
10 Deepankar Gujarati One who lights lamps M
11 Dharamjyot Tamil Light of righteousness and virtues M
12 Durgadutt Marathi Gift from Godess Durga M
13 Deen Muslim Religion. Faith. Way of life.. M
14 DeepChand Sindhi A shining lamp M
15 Devkinandan Malayalam Son of Devki;(Lord Krishna) M
16 Dearbourn Christian Variant of Dearborn: Deer river. M
17 Divit Bengali Immortal M
18 Digvastra Kannada Sky Clad M
19 Dheerendra Tamil God of courage M
20 Dayada Gujarati Son, inheritor M
21 Dharamnishth Kannada One who has faith in religion M
22 Dinendra Malayalam Lord of the day, the sun M
23 Deerborn Christian Variant of Dearborn: Deer river. M
24 Dhyanesh Gujarati Meditative M
25 Dinanath Bengali Protector M
26 Dayal Marathi Kind hearted M
27 Delman Christian Man from the valley. M
28 Dawoud Punjabi-Sikh A Prophet's name M
29 Devabrata Bengali A name of Bhisma M
30 Danielle Kannada M
31 Dakshinayan Gujarati Some Movement of the Sun M
32 Dhansukh Gujarati Wealthy; happy M
33 Dyutit Tamil Illuminated M
34 Digvastra Punjabi-Sikh Sky Clad M
35 Doane Christian Hilly. M
36 Darryll Christian Darling, dearly loved, from the Old english 'deorling'. M
37 Daitya Gujarati A Non Aryan. M
38 Dharanidhar Punjabi-Sikh Shesh the cosmic serpent M
39 Daivya Gujarati Divine M
40 Devadarshan Malayalam Familiar with gods M
41 Dipen Telugu Lord of the lamp M
42 Dayal Gujarati Kind hearted M
43 Durjaya Malayalam Difficult to conquer M
44 Devesh Kannada God of gods M
45 Derren Christian Great. M
46 Dhananad Bengali Pleasure of having wealth M
47 Devadatt Marathi Gift of the God M
48 Devilal Punjabi-Sikh Son of godess M
49 Dakshi Telugu The glorious M
50 Digvijay Marathi Who is victorious over everyone M
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