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# Name Origin Meaning Gender Save
1 Devraj Gujarati King among gods, name of Indra M
2 Dhimant Hindu Variant of Dhimani: Intelligent; smart. M
3 Divyanshu Kannada Divine light, sun M
4 Dheerendra Malayalam God of courage M
5 Dinar Malayalam Gold coin M
6 Dhaval Hindu White. M
7 Doeg Biblical Careful, who acts with uneasiness. M
8 Devadutt Punjabi-Sikh Gift of god M
9 Devang Malayalam From god M
10 Damian Telugu Tamer M
11 Donn Christian In mythology the Irish Donn was known as king of the underworld. M
12 Danvir Bengali Charitable M
13 Derwan Christian Friend of the deer. M
14 Dion Shakespearean 'The Winter's Tale' Lord of Sicilia. M
15 Dinakar Marathi The sun M
16 Dhruv Tamil Pole star M
17 Dattey Punjabi-Sikh Lord Indra M
18 Daviot Christian Variant of David 'beloved.'. M
19 Durand Christian Firm; enduring. M
20 Darshan Bengali Paying respect, religious text M
21 Dhanvant Kannada Wealthy M
22 Dharamjyot Punjabi-Sikh Light of righteousness and virtues M
23 Devdas Punjabi-Sikh Servant of god M
24 Dhiren Tamil One who is strong M
25 Dace Christian Of the nobility. M
26 Dushyanta Tamil A king from the epic Mahabharata M
27 Dalpati Punjabi-Sikh Commander of group M
28 Devadatt Marathi Gift of the God M
29 Durvish Tamil Who cannot be affected by poison M
30 Dayamay Punjabi-Sikh Full of mercy M
31 Durwin Christian Variant of Derwin: Good friend. M
32 Dheivamani Telugu Blessed gem M
33 Devagya Malayalam With knowledge of God M
34 Daruka Bengali Deodar tree M
35 Dhyana Tamil Meditation M
36 Dhaval Bengali Fair complexioned M
37 Darek Christian Gifted ruler. From Theodoric. M
38 Darpad Bengali Lord Shiva M
39 Dhanvine Punjabi-Sikh A Name for Lord Rama M
40 Dyutit Punjabi-Sikh Illuminated M
41 Dvimidha Kannada M
42 Dhyaneshwar Telugu Lord of meditation M
43 Dharmaditya Bengali Son of dharma M
44 Dent Christian Diminutive of Denton: Valley town. M
45 Dilip Hindu Protector. M
46 David Biblical 'Well-beloved, dear' M
47 Dinapati Malayalam The sun M
48 Dhaval Kannada Fair complexioned M
49 Dhilan Marathi M
50 Delroy Christian The king. M
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