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# Name Origin Meaning Gender Save
1 Dyutit Punjabi-Sikh Illuminated M
2 Dhul Fiqaar Kannada The name of the Prophet's Sword M
3 Dahana Telugu A Rudra M
4 Deenabandhu Tamil Friend of the poor M
5 Destry Christian Variant of a French surname. American classic western film Destry Rides Again. M
6 Dabeet Bengali Warrior M
7 Dheerandra Bengali God of courage M
8 Dharamdeep Kannada Lamp of religion M
9 Dalapathi Kannada Leader of a group M
10 Devdarsh Malayalam Worshipper of God M
11 Daitya Kannada A Non Aryan. M
12 Devnath Kannada King of gods M
13 DuraiMurugan Kannada Lord Murugan M
14 Dyumna Bengali Glorious M
15 Devguru Kannada Teacher of Gods ( Brihaspati ) M
16 Devjeet Tamil God's triumph M
17 Dimonah Biblical Dunghill. M
18 Daman Malayalam One who controls M
19 Dedan Biblical Their breasts, friendship, a judge. M
20 Durja Malayalam The Invincible M
21 Dhyaneshwar Kannada Lord of meditation M
22 Dizahab Biblical Where much gold is. M
23 Dharmpal Kannada The supporter of righteousness M
24 Diya Udeen Tamil Brightness of the Faith M
25 Dryden Christian From the dry valley. M
26 Dilawar Gujarati Brave M
27 Durijesh Bengali Moon M
28 Davy Christian Beloved or friend. A diminutive of David. Famous bearer: American frontiersman Davy Crockett. M
29 Dominic Christian Variant of Dominick: Lord. M
30 Dalpati Malayalam Commander of group M
31 Dwaraka Punjabi-Sikh Capital, Lord Krishna's kingdom M
32 Damian Malayalam Tamer M
33 Devraj Telugu King among gods, name of Indra M
34 Dilawar Punjabi-Sikh Brave M
35 Denadayal Gujarati Humble and merciful M
36 Dacey Christian Of the nobility. M
37 Dharamsheel Punjabi-Sikh Holy M
38 Dwaipayan Marathi The sage Vyasa M
39 Dereck Christian Variant of Derek: Leader. M
40 Deepit Punjabi-Sikh Lighted M
41 Devadyumna Tamil Glory of the gods M
42 Darshan Kannada Paying respect, religious text M
43 Devrat Tamil Spiritual M
44 Dalajit Punjabi-Sikh Winning over a group M
45 Dhirendra Tamil Lord of the brave M
46 Devereau Christian Surnames derived from place name Deverel. M
47 Donne Christian Form of Donn. In mythology the Irish Donn was known as king of the underworld. M
48 Darpad Marathi Lord Shiva M
49 Divyanga Telugu Divine body M
50 Dhanush Marathi The Bow M
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